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Elderly Care Issues Increase When Seniors Stop Driving

New Research Finds That When Seniors Stop Driving Their Mental And Physical Well-Being May Decline. Giving up the car keys, one of the most difficult decisions faced in later years. It is also a sensitive issue for adult children knowing when to initiate the topic with their elderly parents. Driving a vehicle, while offering an inherent sense of freedom and [...]

How To More Fairly Share Caregiving Tasks And Expenses

Lessons Learned As A Child Can Help Adults Learn To Share Caregiving Responsibilities. It may have been difficult when young to learn the lesson of sharing with siblings. Despite the fact that the incredible importance of thinking of other people's feelings, as well as being fair, was impressed early on, it may still be a hurdle to minimize sibling squabbles. [...]

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Warning Signs That Senior Care Services Are Needed

Be On The Lookout That A Parent May Need Help at Home Looking around your parent's home, the home where you grew up, brings back so many fond memories of your childhood. Although your parents may have expressed their desire to continue to live there, sometimes their wellbeing is more important.  When it is noticeable that remaining at home begins [...]

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Healthy Nutrition For Seniors: Overcoming The Challenges

The Necessity For Appropriate Nutrition Becomes Even More Crucial Due To The Natural Aging Process. Younger people that have a higher metabolism, optimum muscle strength, and fewer chronic health problems may be able to get away with poor eating behaviors. However, this is not the case when it comes to nutrition for seniors. The elderly who have a poor nutritional status [...]

The Very Real Dangers Of Elderly Addiction

The Health Effects Of Drug Abuse For Seniors Can Be Even More Perilous Than In Younger Years. Is it possible to have a preconceived notion of certain stereotypical groups of people? For example, what comes to mind when you hear the words “drug addict”? Perhaps a young adult struggling to make it through daily life without a fix, potentially turning [...]

The Importance Of Medication Management In The Treatment Of Diabetes

Medication management is so important that it can be the difference between life and death for some patients, especially for diabetics. Each year, more than 125,000 people die in America because they did not follow instructions when taking their medications. Studies show more than half of the people with prescriptions for chronic diseases and conditions take their medications incorrectly, if [...]

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