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Respite Care Services freehold nj senior careWhether you’re caring for an aging loved one or a new baby, being a caregiver takes a great deal of energy, both physically and mentally. The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone! At Hibernian Home Care, we offer quality respite care services to help you at all stages of your caregiving journey.

New and Expectant Mother’s Care

Being pregnant or the parent of a new baby is one of the most rewarding and challenging stages of life. With the main focus is on the new bundle of joy, many parents find they need a little extra assistance around the house. Our experienced caregivers can be the responsible, reliable and caring extra set of hands that a family needs. While recuperating, we can assist with activities of daily living such as keeping the house picked up, fixing meals, grocery shopping, or just simply providing a break to rest, rejuvenate, and to focus on bonding with the newborn. Hibernian Home Care is also the ideal Home Care solution for expectant mothers who have a high risk pregnancy or have been placed on bed rest.

Home Care Away From Home

While we think that home care is the best care, Hibernian Home Care can provide individual attention wherever home may be. Home may be at an assisted living facility, a nursing home, rehabilitation, or temporarily at a hospital. We will provide the same level of care and service at one’s home away from home. Ideal clients that need companion care are those that would like to reduce the anxiety and uneasiness of a hospital or rehabilitation stay, or would like more personal one-on-one attention at their facility. Also, for family members that need respite or can not always be there to provide companionship to their loved ones and help alleviate boredom and loneliness, Hibernian Home Care can help.

Travel Care

Hibernian Home Care can provide a caregiver as a travel assistant. This service is designed for clients who need a caregiver to stay with them throughout their travels. This could be for a few hours such as for a wedding or family event, or for an extended vacation. Since our caregivers are traveling and staying together with the client and family throughout the trip, caregivers are able to meet the individual needs of our clients by providing the same non-medical services as in the home including personal care, transferring and assistance with a walker or wheelchair. This allows everyone to be able to enjoy the travel with peace of mind.

Respite Care Services for Family Members

The role of a family member as the primary person giving care is an important one, depended upon by both the loved one and other family members. Evidence shows that most people are ill-prepared for this role, provide care with little regard for their own well-being, and can be under enormous stress that arises from the strains of caring for their relative. Hibernian Home Care offers respite care to the caring family member in order to give a much deserved and needed break. We can provide care for a few hours daily, a weekend, or even for an extended period of time, allowing time for holiday travel, vacation or any reason. The caregivers of Hibernian Home Care are ready to step in with the same considerate care and concern and meet all of the needs of the loved one. Our respite care program is a wonderful solution, providing peace of mind, that enables the family time to relax, enjoy and be up to the challenges of this daunting responsibility.

If you would like to learn more about our respite care services or our wide array of senior care services, contact us today! Hibernian Home Care proudly serves families in Howell, Freehold, Jackson, Lakewood, and throughout the counties of Ocean and Monmouth in New Jersey.