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Our Founders

The foundation upon which Hibernian Home Care is built can be credited to our founder’s desire to start a business with a purpose of making a positive impact on the lives of others.

In order to get to know Hibernian Home Care in the present, one needs to begin by exploring the past events to see how it shaped the future development of the company. The motivation derived from our prior experiences is the driving force in our business and keeps us committed to connecting with our present day clients and their families.

Roger and Cathy Benedetti

Roger and Cathy Benedetti

Roger L. Benedetti, RPh, BPharm

Roger’s lifelong interest in solving problems and helping others, along with guidance from his family, led to his decision to attend pharmacy school. Roger began working as an intern at a community pharmacy during breaks while in pharmacy school. Roger obtained his Bachelors of Science degree in Pharmacy from Rutgers University and began working as a Registered Pharmacist for a national retail pharmacy.

Roger was promoted to Pharmacy Manager and went on to manage six different company locations throughout New Jersey. Over the years, he received numerous awards including Pharmacy of the Year and Most Valuable Peer. Roger also received a commendation from the New Jersey Board of Pharmacy. Wanting to share his knowledge, he volunteered as a preceptor for pharmacy students attending local colleges of pharmacy. He obtained various certifications in topics such as Diabetes, Immunizations and Medication Therapy Management.

Roger has over 25 years of involvement in direct patient care and has a passion for service. In addition, he has experience in organizational development and performance, business operations management, human resources, and recruitment.

Roger’s decision to enter into Home Care is rooted in seeing the disarray of his in-laws medications, which although all filled accurately by his colleagues, were not being used correctly. The direct help that Roger provided in arranging a system to manage their medications triggered a response of stepping out from behind the counter and entering into the homes of clients where the medications are being taken. Knowing all of the statistics that show poor compliance and the avoidable outcomes this creates, Roger wanted to make a difference in the home.

Cathy H. Benedetti, RN, BSN, CCM
Vice President & Director of Nursing

Cathy learned empathy for the sick at a young age as she suffered for years with horrific ear and throat infections and was at the doctor on a regular basis. It was at the age of 4 that Cathy told her parents she wanted to become a nurse so she could help other people not hurt like she did.

As a teenager, Cathy’s grandmother suffered a stroke and while the family was constructing an addition so she could live with them, her grandmother resided in a nursing home. Cathy would visit her every day to provide the attention and compassion her grandmother was missing by being in a facility. Seeing what a simple kind word and smile meant to all of those residents was beautiful yet heart wrenching to see the negative affect its absence had on their overall outcome. This experience not only reaffirmed to Cathy that she wanted to be a nurse, but it also instilled in her the desire to work in a setting where she would be able to make a difference in a patient’s life.

After completing her first year at Wagner College in the nursing program, Cathy’s grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. Towards the end of his battle, he was set up with hospice care at home. This was Cathy’s first time encountering Home Care and she saw what a positive effect it had not just for her grandfather, but also on the entire family. This experience became the driving influence in Cathy’s nursing career and created her passion for Home Care.

Wanting to help others and not wanting to wait for graduation, Cathy sought out options to work in Home Care. She successfully completed all of the state mandated requirements and worked as a Certified Home Health Aide until her graduation from Wagner College with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and a Minor in Sociology.

Continuing to follow her heart, Cathy worked as a Registered Nurse at various Home Care agencies in New Jersey. Throughout her career she has held positions with increased responsibility that included Nursing Supervisor, Home Care Coordinator, and Director of Patient Services. To compliment her decades of knowledge and experience in Home Care, Cathy extended her commitment to the profession by becoming a Board Certified Case Manager.

Our History

Our vision for Hibernian Home Care was born during a surprise visit to Cathy’s parents who reside in Florida. The reason for our trip was to see for ourselves what was actually happening as we knew her parents were only telling us partial information. What we found broke our hearts, as they were so overwhelmed with medical appointments, boxes of medications, and could not keep up on their home. We immediately extended our stay and began to do everything we could to help. We knew that we were not going to be able to continue personally providing the care that was needed and deserved. We sought out help that would work with their lifestyle and enable them to retain their independence at home.

We enlisted the services of a Home Care agency and a Registered Nurse care manager. This turned out to be exactly the help that was needed for all of us. Knowing that her parents were being cared for enabled us to be able to return to New Jersey with peace of mind. Having experienced firsthand the caregiver role from so far away and seeing what a difference having someone close by can make planted the seed. In order to fulfill the desire to help on a local level and to make a difference in other’s lives, we believed that the best way to accomplish this was to form our own company. By doing so, we could offer our own unique insight that we acquired over the years, both professionally and personally, and become a resource and service provider of Home Care in our community.

Our Name

Cathy grew up in New Jersey surrounded by a close-knit family that would help out whenever needed. Cathy’s grandfather did his part by watching her and her brother for a few hours between the end of the school day and the finish of the workday for her parents. Her grandfather was a proud Irishmen and the head of the local Hibernian Club. The word Hibernian in Latin means “From Ireland” and the club was a lodge in which members would socialize with others while educating and supporting the community. Everyday, Cathy and her brother would get off the school bus and meet her grandfather at the Hibernian Club where they would complete their homework, watch a cartoon and play the pinball machine thanks to the quarters given to them by the other club members.

Unfortunately, Cathy’s grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and toward the end of his battle, was set up with hospice care at home. When Cathy thinks about the origin of her passion for Home Care, she comes back to her fond memories of the wonderful time spent with a great man at his cherished Hibernian Club. These experiences remained with Cathy, and years later when the time came to name our company, it was the perfect opportunity to select Hibernian to pay tribute to her grandfather. In this way, the role he played will never be forgotten and he will remain a continued inspiration in our business as we dedicate our efforts in her grandfather’s memory.

Frank Dwyer

Frank Dwyer


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