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Maintaining independence and aging in place are important to most older adults, yet many seniors require a little extra help in order to remain safe and healthy as they age. That’s where private Home Care services, like those offered by Hibernian Home Care, come into play. At Hibernian, we offer a wide array of Home Care services that can help seniors keep up with activities of daily living, such as bathing, shopping, and housekeeping, or simply provide some comforting companionship. Read on to learn more about our Home Care services and how they can help senior loved ones live life to the fullest.

Personal Care Services

Hibernian Home Care offers the ideal at home living assistance solution for those individuals who want to maintain their independence and dignity by continuing to live in the comfort of their own home while in a safe environment. Crucial to helping someone maintain their dignity is taking care of their human needs. Our compassionate caregivers can make life easier by performing many of the tasks and activities of daily living which have become difficult. Following the Care Plan as set forth by our Registered Nurse, our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Prepares meals according to client’s dietary needs and preferences
  • Serves meals and assists with feeding
  • Helps client with mobility, positioning, and/or ambulation
  • Assists with transfers from bed to chair or wheelchair
  • Ensure home safety measures are in place to prevent falls and accidents
  • Monitoring the client’s general health status, reporting any changes
  • Helps with dressing
  • Provides or assists with full or partial bath in the tub/shower/bed.
  • Aides in toileting and incontinence care
  • Assists with client’s personal grooming and hygiene including care of hair, skin, teeth and mouth, shaving and nail care

Housekeeping Services

Having a clean house is important. When the home is in order, life is more manageable for both the client and the family. Our caregivers perform household tasks that are essential to the client’s well-being such as:

  • Takes care of personal laundry and bed linens for the client
  • Making and changing the client’s bed.
  • Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen after use
  • Washing dishes after meals
  • Mopping the floor
  • Client’s area will be kept clean, includes dusting and vacuuming
  • Assistance with pets
  • Care for houseplants

Companion Care Services

Our companion care services not only relieve stress and worry for family members, but also provide the healthy interaction and activity that are vital for clients in retaining cognitive abilities and physical health. A partial list of services include:

  • Reminders (medications, dates, appointments, routines, etc.)
  • Maintain calendar, arrange appointments, outings, and trips
  • Facilitating visits with family, friends, and neighbors
  • Providing socialization, friendship, conversation and support
  • Encourage and assist with hobbies and personal interests
  • Entertaining (games, gardening, cards, crafts, puzzles, etc.)
  • Escort on walks or exercise together
  • Engage and participating in stimulating activities
  • Helping with letters and correspondence to family and friends
  • Helping to connect with loved ones (letters, email, phone, etc.)
  • Check food expirations
  • Assist with menu planning and prepare grocery lists
  • Providing respite care services for family caregivers

Senior Transportation Services

Hibernian Home Care knows that keeping appointments or running errands can overwhelm anyone, but especially for aging adults. We can provide peace of mind for family members that are no longer confident in their loved one’s driving skills. Our caregivers are licensed, insured and have safe driving records and will make sure our client’s arrive safely at their destination. The following are some of the senior transportation services that can be handled by our trusted caregivers:

  • Driving and/or accompanying the client to medical appointment
  • Driving to or from surgeries, treatments or procedures
  • Shopping and performing other household errands
  • Attend religious or church services
  • Other appointments (barber, beauty salon, etc.).
  • Visiting friends/neighbors
  • Dining out
  • Outings (movies, museums, concerts, theater, club meetings, etc.).
  • Attending life events (graduation, wedding, etc.)

Medication Management Services

Keeping track of several medications, each on a different schedule, can be overwhelming to manage for anyone, but especially for seniors who take medicines, often lots of them. As individuals get older, the number of daily medications increases as well. Some estimates suggest that about half of older adults take five or more prescribed or over the counter medications daily, some take ten or more. Successful medication adherence and management in older adults is complicated by a variety of factors. Our Registered Nurse plays an important role in the assessment of these factors and in the development of a Care Plan that includes a medication management regimen to avoid negative health outcomes. For all clients of Hibernian Home Care, the Registered Nurse will develop a medication schedule and process to enhance compliance. The caregiver also plays an important role in helping to remind and make sure the client is aware of which medications need to be taken and at what time. However, the caregiver is not allowed by law to directly administer any medication. Therefore, where appropriate, our Registered Nurse will also review and recommend enhanced medication management strategies, services and products as offered by Hibernian Home Care and/or other companies.

Technology Solutions

The ability to live independently in the comfort of home usually comes with making some adjustments in order to achieve living safely at home. It is particularly important to encompass technological and mobile solutions that can make the difference between living at home or institutional care. Hibernian Home Care offers various technology solutions to provide much needed assistance to the client and that will provide peace of mind to family members. During our in-home assessment by our Registered Nurse, we will also review a comprehensive list of home automation, telehealth equipment, and technological products geared for the home offered by Hibernian Home Care and/or other companies. It is important for clients and their families to consider adopting these technology solutions to monitor and track health conditions, incorporate safety, security and comfort products, and integrate systems that mitigate the normal processes of aging that can make living happily at home achievable.

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