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Why A Good Exercise Routine Is So Important For Seniors

The aging process can be hard on the body, whether it is a lack of energy, poor balance, and coordination, or the onset of arthritis. And although there is no proven way to completely stop the effects of aging from occurring, exercising regularly can certainly make them much more tolerable. With that said, here are several ways that a good exercise routine benefits seniors:

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How To Use Holiday Time To Determine If Extra Care For Aging Parents Is Needed

Tips on how to utilize the holiday season to help figure out if additional care for aging parents is necessary and beneficial to all involved. It is common for seniors to say "everything is fine" when asked by family members. They do not want to bother their children knowing how busy they are.  The holidays provide an ideal time to take [...]

Holidays Are The Perfect Time To Check On Aging Loved Ones

When an aging loved one lives a distance away, it is not always easy to ensure they are doing well. Often, most contact with them is probably through phone calls, texts, and emails, which makes it easy to miss the signs that they may be struggling. When visiting an aging loved one for the holidays, this is a perfect time to [...]

When Is It Time To Consider Respite Care?

Serving as a family caregiver for an aging in place elderly loved one is highly rewarding, but it can also be physically and emotionally draining. “Respite care” is a term that refers to short-term or temporary relief. Respite caregivers come in many shapes and sizes. What follows are some reliable respite care options when it’s time for you to take a well-deserved break.

Keeping Seniors Safe During Inclement Weather

No matter where an aging loved one resides, nasty weather strikes from time-to-time and can take many forms, including tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, high winds, and heavy snowfalls. Harsh weather can be especially hard on those that are age 65-and-over who also lives alone. Therefore keeping seniors safe during inclement weather is a top priority. There are many benefits of aging [...]

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The Positive Impact Of Social Media For Seniors

Social media has become a powerful tool for meeting new people around-the-world, or for staying in touch with friends and family members. The use of social media for seniors has become even more prevalent. Many Americans aged 65-and-over are homebound due to chronic illness, disability, or other reasons. As a result, this situation makes it harder for them to interact [...]

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