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Caring For Someone With Dementia?

Practical Advice For Providing Care For A Loved One With Alzheimer's Disease And Other Types of Dementia. Often it is simply intuition to help relate to and make decisions on what best to do when providing care for a loved one with memory loss. Unfortunately, when dealing with Alzheimers's disease and other types of dementia, one's instinct is often counterintuitive. [...]

Incontinence or Urinary Tract Infection?

Urinary incontinence, which is also known as an overactive bladder, can become prevalent no matter the age. However, it is seen most commonly in older adults. Caregivers assume incontinence happens as a direct result of growing older, but it is important to understand incontinence is not normal. Incontinence is a symptom. Those who suffer from an overactive bladder may also [...]

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Tips For Caregivers On Managing Alzheimer’s Mood Swings

Caregivers Need To Remember That Alzheimer's Disease Is Causing The Behavior. Caregivers of someone with Alzheimer’s, or another form of dementia, know all too well the varied and complex behaviors associated with the disease. The brains of people with Alzheimer's have physical and chemical changes that affect them in so many ways. Significant personality changes are among the most common. [...]

Is It Dementia? Maybe Not

Behind A Dementia Diagnosis May Actually Lie A Treatable Condition. To his family, and even more importantly to his physician, the elderly man had all the signs of dementia and early Alzheimer’s disease. He shuffled with an unsteady gait, had started to lose his bladder function, and had trouble doing the simplest of cognitive tasks. His attention span and memory [...]

Let Go of The Guilt: Ways to Overcome Caregiver Self-Condemnation

There Is No Emotional Rollercoaster Quite Like The One Ridden By A Caregiver, Those That Are Providing Assistance For An Aging Or Chronically Ill Loved One. Truly, what emotion doesn't come into play at some point? Sometimes, all those emotions can be experienced within one afternoon. Perhaps one of the most difficult feelings to manage as a caregiver, however, is [...]

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