Caregivers Need To Remember That Alzheimer’s Disease Is Causing The Behavior.

Caregivers of someone with Alzheimer’s, or another form of dementia, know all too well the varied and complex behaviors associated with the disease. The brains of people with Alzheimer’s have physical and chemical changes that affect them in so many ways. Significant personality changes are among the most common.

One of the most difficult to handle is the change in moods – the day and night difference from the kind, sweet person into a bitter fussy bully. The emotional pain those outbursts cause can be devastating, particularly for a dedicated caregiver who has been so selfless in providing care for their loved one. Try not to take these troubling behaviors personally, as hard as that may be. Remembering that the person is usually reacting out of fear or frustration is imperative.

The following tips can help restore peace and ease a difficult situation:
  • Stay calm. A person with Alzheimer’s may feel an elevated agitation level in the caregiver and become more agitated themselves. Similarly, they are more likely to become calm if the caregiver stays level-headed. Minimizing any commotion and attempting to shift the person’s attention to something enjoyable can improve the situation.
  • Provide comfort. Even though it may be the first instinct, refrain from arguing with a loved one. Use a gentle, comforting and slow tone of voice. Take a moment to figure out if pain, anxiety or simple overstimulation may be the reason for the agitation, and then deal with those issues.
  • Remember what caused the behavior. Learning from the experience can help avoid, or at least minimize, a similar one in the future. Caregivers should keep a log or a journal of when it happened and what occurred. Note what did work, or what did not.
  • Do not give up hope. There are continuing advances in Alzheimer’ disease research. For example, read about New Connections Between Alzheimer’s Disease and the Immune System.

It’s also crucial for family caregivers to take time for themselves to refresh and renew. This is especially important after continued challenging encounters with a senior loved one. Look for an experienced Home Care company such as Hibernian Home Care to provide compassionate, patient and experienced Alzheimer’s and dementia care. When respite for families is needed, contact us at any time by calling 732-481-1148 to learn more. Read more about the variety of quality senior care services provided by professional caregivers. Service is available throughout Monmouth and Ocean counties and the surrounding areas in New Jersey to meet the unique requirements of each client.