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Tips To Avoid Sleeping Problems In Aging Parents

Sleeping Problems Affect Not Only The Aging Parent But Also The Family Member Caring For Them. Sleeping problems in aging parents are quite common especially for those with dementia. Alzheimer’s, a type of dementia, disrupts a person’s circadian rhythms. These changes make it difficult for them to fall and stay [...]

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Sundowning: How to Restore Nighttime Peace

Alzheimer’s patients often have problems with sleeping or may experience changes in their sleep schedule know as sundowning. Sundown syndrome is a neurologically based condition associated with increased restlessness and confusion in patients with some form of dementia. Most commonly related to Alzheimer's disease, but also found in those with [...]

Great News in Aging Care: Closer to a Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease

Experts Are Cautiously Optimistic About Developing Treatments That Can Treat Or Significantly Delay The Progression of Alzheimer's, Helping All Involved In Aging Care.  Is it possible that the race towards finding a treatment or cure for Alzheimer’s disease may be entering the home stretch? Maybe, as over $900 million in [...]

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