Keeping Seniors Safe During Inclement Weather

No matter where an aging loved one resides, nasty weather strikes from time-to-time and can take many forms, including tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, high winds, and heavy snowfalls. Harsh weather can be especially hard on those that are age 65-and-over who also lives alone. Therefore keeping seniors safe during inclement weather is a top priority. There are many benefits of aging [...]

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The Positive Impact Of Social Media For Seniors

Social media has become a powerful tool for meeting new people around-the-world, or for staying in touch with friends and family members. The use of social media for seniors has become even more prevalent. Many Americans aged 65-and-over are homebound due to chronic illness, disability, or other reasons. As a result, this situation makes it harder for them to interact [...]

Tips To Prevent Heat-Related Illness In Elderly Loved Ones

Heat-related deaths are one of the deadliest weather-related health outcomes. There is a significant risk of suffering heat-related illness in elderly populations. According to a study by the University of Chicago Medical Center, 40% of all heat-related deaths in the U.S. were people over 65. Here is why: Aging adults bodies do not adjust as well to sudden changes in [...]

Hibernian Home Care Receives National Accreditation

As a result of earning accredited status, achieved by having met all of the stringent standards of accreditation, Hibernian Home Care further demonstrates its commitment to being a top quality company in providing elder care services in New Jersey. HOWELL, N.J. - June 30, 2019 - Hibernian Home Care announced that it has been awarded accreditation by the National Institute for Home [...]

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Difference Between Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Having noticed an aging parent having trouble remembering names, misplacing things, or perhaps see an overall change in mood, you might wonder if Mom or Dad has dementia… or do I mean Alzheimer’s… or are they the same thing? Often the terms are used interchangeably, but what is the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's? This question is commonly heard from family [...]

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How A Geriatric Care Manager Can Help An Aging Loved One

Most of us never receive training on how to care for an aging loved one. Instead, we are thrown into the situation without warning. Like anything unfamiliar, caring for an aging loved one can be stressful. Many caregivers end up spending more time filling out forms and juggling appointments than they do spending time with their elderly parents. Many find the [...]