Most of us never receive training on how to care for an aging loved one. Instead, we are thrown into the situation without warning. Like anything unfamiliar, caring for an aging loved one can be stressful. Many caregivers end up spending more time filling out forms and juggling appointments than they do spending time with their elderly parents. Many find the task overwhelming and confusing. A geriatric care manager can help change all that!

What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

A Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) assesses a senior’s unique needs. Then they create a customized, comprehensive plan and help execute that plan. GCMs work with the aging adult, their family members, physicians, nutritionists, attorneys, therapists, etc. to ensure that the aging adult receives the best care possible.

The customized plan is based on the aging individual’s lifestyle, needs, and goals. It takes into account family members’ needs and physician’s orders.

While creating and executing that plan, a GCM – usually a social worker or registered nurse – monitors the client and acts as an advocate for them. They also educate and advise family members and help solve problems and conflicts.

Some insurance companies cover the cost of GCM services, but they are usually paid for privately. While the fee discourages some families from seeking the advice of a GCM, it is essential to remember that – unlike most family members – GCMs are trained to observe the elderly and recognize their needs. They have the training, experience, and knowledge needed to ensure your aging loved one has the best life possible.

Plus, working with a GCM can significantly reduce worry and stress for those caring for them.

And finally, a GCM may even save the family money by assisting with available financial assistance and reducing or eliminating required time off of work by caregivers.

What Does a Geriatric Care Manager Do?

The services provided by a GCM can vary based on the aging loved one’s needs. Here are just a few services available from a GCM:

  • Attend doctors’ appointments to discuss the best care, facilitate communication, and ensure that physician’s instructions are followed
  • Determine the level and type of care that is right for your aging loved one
  • Coordinate care with family members, neighbors, etc.
  • Assist with benefits enrollment and health insurance coverage and claims
  • Oversee financial management and bill paying
  • Help secure financial assistance available
  • Provide referrals to legal professionals, in-home services, or senior living options
  • Help families adjust to the changes and address problems that can occur with eldercare
  • Act as mediator during family conflict related to the loved ones’ care
What are the Benefits of a Geriatric Care Manager?

The benefits of using a geriatric care manager are simple:

  • To ensure the best care for your aging loved one
  • Ease your worries and stress regarding their care

With their extensive training and experience in caring for the elderly including the costs associated with that care and the resources available in your community, Geriatric Care Managers can address a variety of concerns when it comes to how to best care for your aging loved one.

Hibernian Home Care is fortunate to have a registered nurse and Certified Case Manager on our team who specializes in Geriatrics. She has gone through vigorous training, passed a national exam, and continues to maintain continuing education credits so we can ensure the highest quality care for your aging loved one.

If you feel overwhelmed, if you worry that your aging loved one may not be receiving the best care, or if you are just not sure what is best for your aging mom or dad, Hibernian Home Care can help. Reach out by using this contact us form or by phone at 732-481-1148. We would be glad to arrange a complimentary consultation with our Registered Nurse and Certified Case Manager.