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Caring For Someone With Dementia?

Practical Advice For Providing Care For A Loved One With Alzheimer's Disease And Other Types of Dementia. Often it is simply intuition to help relate to and make decisions on what best to do when providing care for a loved one with memory loss. Unfortunately, when dealing with Alzheimers's disease and other types of dementia, one's instinct is often counterintuitive. [...]

Sundowning: How to Restore Nighttime Peace

Alzheimer’s patients often have problems with sleeping or may experience changes in their sleep schedule know as sundowning. Sundown syndrome is a neurologically based condition associated with increased restlessness and confusion in patients with some form of dementia. Most commonly related to Alzheimer's disease, but also found in those with other types of dementia, the timing of the patient's confusion [...]

Elderly Driving: Having A Conversation With A Loved One

Recognizing The Need to Have A Discussion About Elderly Driving Is The First Step. Have you noticed that your aging parent is struggling with driving safely? Perhaps there have been a few minor accidents while driving this year. Maybe you have observed a few new dents in their car. For most older adults, losing the ability to drive is cause [...]

A Lesser Known Symptom of Alzheimer’s Disease: Anosognosia

Anosognosia, Is Also Called Lack Of Insight.  It Is A Symptom Of A Severe Mental Illness That Impairs One's Ability To Understand And Perceive Their Own Illness. “I do NOT have Alzheimer’s disease! There is not anything wrong with me!” If you have listened to a friend or family member with dementia frustratingly express this or a similar sentiment, it is [...]

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Experiencing Caregiver Fatigue? Try These Tips To Reduce Stress

"If I could only have just a few more hours in the day to get everything done!" If you are in the "sandwich generation," most likely you can relate to this sentiment of caregiver fatigue, as you are constantly juggling the needs of your children and the needs of your aging parents. As a result, it is common for family members [...]

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