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How To Use Holiday Time To Determine If Extra Care For Aging Parents Is Needed

Tips on how to utilize the holiday season to help figure out if additional care for aging parents is necessary and beneficial to all involved. It is common for seniors to say "everything is fine" when asked by family members. They do not want to bother their children knowing how busy they are.  The holidays provide an ideal time to take [...]

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Holiday Safety Tips for Elderly Parents

Have a safe and fun holiday by recognizing the specific care needs of seniors and using these safety tips for elderly relatives to prevent falls. The holidays provide an excellent opportunity to visit with senior loved ones. Often, it is not possible to spend a lot of quality time during the year. Also, it is a perfect time to make sure [...]

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Elderly Driving: Having A Conversation With A Loved One

Recognizing The Need to Have A Discussion About Elderly Driving Is The First Step. Have you noticed that your aging parent is struggling with driving safely? Perhaps there have been a few minor accidents while driving this year. Maybe you have observed a few new dents in their car. For most older adults, losing the ability to drive is cause [...]

How to Help Seniors Achieve Life Goals And Live Life To The Fullest

Everybody Has A Bucket List, And Seniors Are No Exception To That Rule. “Someday…”. There are many exciting ways to conclude that thought only limited by the depth of one's imagination. Perhaps there are activities and adventures that you want to pursue but just have not had a chance to turn into reality. But what about seniors? They still have dreams, [...]

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Warning Signs That Senior Care Services Are Needed

Be On The Lookout That A Parent May Need Help at Home Looking around your parent's home, the home where you grew up, brings back so many fond memories of your childhood. Although your parents may have expressed their desire to continue to live there, sometimes their wellbeing is more important.  When it is noticeable that remaining at home begins [...]