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Time to Start Taking Care of Elderly Parents?

Thoughts To Keep In Mind To Make Life Easier For You And Your Older Loved One. Watching a parent start to move about with more difficulty is never easy to observe. Often the household tasks such as cleaning and laundry get divided up amongst the siblings. The decision to no longer drive for safety reasons has an effect on the entire family. [...]

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Elderly Driving: Having A Conversation With A Loved One

Recognizing The Need to Have A Discussion About Elderly Driving Is The First Step. Have you noticed that your aging parent is struggling with driving safely? Perhaps there have been a few minor accidents while driving this year. Maybe you have observed a few new dents in their car. For most older adults, losing the ability to drive is cause [...]

Fall Risks Found In Unexpected Place In The Home

A Fall Is A Threat To The Health And Wellbeing of Seniors And Can Reduce Their Ability To Be Safe and Independent At Home. Falls are the leading cause of accidental death among people age 65 and older. However, falls are not something that just happens with aging. There are proven strategies to reduce the risk of a fall. Most caregivers [...]

Elderly Care Issues Increase When Seniors Stop Driving

New Research Finds That When Seniors Stop Driving Their Mental And Physical Well-Being May Decline. Giving up the car keys, one of the most difficult decisions faced in later years. It is also a sensitive issue for adult children knowing when to initiate the topic with their elderly parents. Driving a vehicle, while offering an inherent sense of freedom and [...]

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Advances in Elderly Home Care: The Benefits of Design Thinking

The present health care system is not equipped to accommodate the future needs of seniors, and elderly Home Care is challenged to redesign services to address those needs. Recently, the term “design thinking” has become linked to the process of producing products specifically for seniors. This is especially true in the elderly Home Care industry. However, design thinking has a [...]