Be On The Lookout That A Parent May Need Help at Home

Looking around your parent’s home, the home where you grew up, brings back so many fond memories of your childhood. Although your parents may have expressed their desire to continue to live there, sometimes their wellbeing is more important.  When it is noticeable that remaining at home begins to threaten your parent’s safety, it may be time to look for senior care services at home.

When Is It Time To Consider Senior Care Services? 
  • Do your parents suffer from a chronic illness that is getting worse? Chronic diseases that are progressively becoming worse over time can make it unsafe for a senior to live alone.
  • Has the senior’s appearance changed dramatically? Look to see whether your loved one appears more frail and unsteady. Be aware of any unexplained loss or gain of a significant amount of weight. Also, notice if the person has become unusually unkempt or ungroomed.
  • Are your parents socially active and involved or are they living very secluded lives? The enhanced socialization senior care services provide benefit older persons who have isolated themselves from others. It is a concern when they are reluctant to leave the house.

If you recognize these warning signs in your loved one, have a discussion with the senior and other family members that are involved. As it may be time to consider another assisted-living option, work together to determine if it is possible that your loved ones can remain safely living alone. The best choice may require bringing in some daily or weekly senior care services, all in the interest of their safety and wellbeing.

Consider the senior care services provided by companies such as Hibernian Home Care. They can offer a helping hand with tasks around the house such as cooking, laundry, light housekeeping, and more. Also, they can help provide transportation to doctor’s appointments and assist with errands and shopping.  Hibernian Home Care’s dedicated team of compassionate caregivers are focused on helping seniors live safer, more fulfilling lives, all in the comfort of their own home. Contact us today for more information about our elderly Home Care services.