Healthy Nutrition For Seniors: Overcoming The Challenges

The Necessity For Appropriate Nutrition Becomes Even More Crucial Due To The Natural Aging Process.

Younger people that have a higher metabolism, optimum muscle strength, and fewer chronic health problems may be able to get away with poor eating behaviors. However, this is not the case when it comes to nutrition for seniors. The elderly who have a poor nutritional status are at a higher risk for falls, hospitalization, anemia, and much more. Millions of health care dollars are spent annually for medical expenses stemming from malnutrition.

There are various hurdles to overcome to obtain ideal nutrition for seniors, such as:
  • Medication side effects that often impact the scent or flavor of food
  • Difficulty with eating due to arthritis or dental problems
  • Trouble with the tasks required with grocery shopping or preparing meals
  • Loneliness and depression, making mealtime less enjoyable
  • Lack of interest in the preparation of balanced meals, especially when cooking for just one person
  • Monetary constraints

In addition, medical appointments and checkups often overlook nutritional counseling. The physician may weigh the patient, but that is not a measure of nutritional status.

One place to turn for help to ensure aging family members maintain proper nutrition is the MyPlate for Older Adults from Tufts University This is an excellent starting point that simply outlines how making small dietary changes rather than attempting to do a complete nutritional makeover makes the goal more obtainable.

Another option to consider is enlisting the services of a Home Care company. A professional in-home caregiver can assist with planning delicious and wholesome meals, running errands that include picking up groceries and most importantly spending time with seniors during mealtimes to combat loneliness.

For more methods of helping improve nutrition for seniors, consider Hibernian Home Care in Howell, NJ. Our services are available throughout Monmouth and Ocean counties of New Jersey, and we can help meet the unique nutritional needs of each client.To learn more about our services, fill out our “Contact Us”  form or reach out by calling 732-481-1148. Not only can our caregivers assist with the planning and preparation of healthy meals for seniors – we will even clean up the kitchen afterward!


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