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Understanding Medication Reconciliation

Medication Mistakes Are The Most Common Patient Safety Error, And Reconciling Medication Is An Effective Prevention Method. Unintentional medication discrepancies that happen during a transition of care (such as a hospitalization and the subsequent discharge) are widespread. This represents a significant threat to patient safety. More than 20 percent of those errors result in patient harm. A priority of patient safety [...]

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Fall Risks Found In Unexpected Place In The Home

A Fall Is A Threat To The Health And Wellbeing of Seniors And Can Reduce Their Ability To Be Safe and Independent At Home. Falls are the leading cause of accidental death among people age 65 and older. However, falls are not something that just happens with aging. There are proven strategies to reduce the risk of a fall. Most caregivers [...]

The Very Real Dangers Of Elderly Addiction

The Health Effects Of Drug Abuse For Seniors Can Be Even More Perilous Than In Younger Years. Is it possible to have a preconceived notion of certain stereotypical groups of people? For example, what comes to mind when you hear the words “drug addict”? Perhaps a young adult struggling to make it through daily life without a fix, potentially turning [...]

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The Importance Of Medication Management In The Treatment Of Diabetes

Medication management is so important that it can be the difference between life and death for some patients, especially for diabetics. Each year, more than 125,000 people die in America because they did not follow instructions when taking their medications. Studies show more than half of the people with prescriptions for chronic diseases and conditions take their medications incorrectly, if [...]

Advances in Elderly Home Care: The Benefits of Design Thinking

The present health care system is not equipped to accommodate the future needs of seniors, and elderly Home Care is challenged to redesign services to address those needs. Recently, the term “design thinking” has become linked to the process of producing products specifically for seniors. This is especially true in the elderly Home Care industry. However, design thinking has a [...]