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Great News in Aging Care: Closer to a Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease

Experts Are Cautiously Optimistic About Developing Treatments That Can Treat Or Significantly Delay The Progression of Alzheimer's, Helping All Involved In Aging Care.  Is it possible that the race towards finding a treatment or cure for Alzheimer’s disease may be entering the home stretch? Maybe, as over $900 million in [...]

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Tips For Caregivers On Managing Alzheimer’s Mood Swings

Caregivers Need To Remember That Alzheimer's Disease Is Causing The Behavior. Caregivers of someone with Alzheimer’s, or another form of dementia, know all too well the varied and complex behaviors associated with the disease. The brains of people with Alzheimer's have physical and chemical changes that affect them in so [...]

Advances in Senior Care: New Connections Between Alzheimer’s Disease and the Immune System

Research Provides A New Hope for Senior Care For Those With Alzheimer's Disease. Alzheimer's is a brain disease that causes a slow decline in memory, thinking and reasoning skills. It’s been estimated that 5.3 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease. As of now, it is the only one of the common [...]